Terms & Conditions


When these conditions are violated, a $ 50 fine will be paid

In case of using any of the company's services, it means full approval of the following conditions:

The tenant has the right to invest the seized space as he deems appropriate, provided that there is no fraud, deception, fraud, fraud or violation of Islamic law, and that there is no use and promotion of any programs, scripts or materials in the rights reserved for their owners, and no use of programs through which he can control the materials of other clients, and not Trade and send mailing lists and advertising messages of all kinds and do not use Hack VBSEO due to the large amount of server resources it consumes. Each site has the right to consume resources not more than 5% and in the event of increased consumption the site is temporarily suspended and the customer must contact our technical support to find out the reasons and technical support suggestions. The company's management is obligated to maintain the confidentiality of information related to its customers, as well as to preserve their materials available in the leased space from tampering, vandalism or diversion to any party, and the company’s management is not entitled to leak any information to any party except with an official request from accredited legal bodies in the event that the customer wants to move from Hosting with the company to another place, the company’s administration undertakes to secure a valid and complete backup copy of the site’s materials and databases. The company’s management does not bear any responsibility resulting from the customer’s use of programs or scripts that contain security holes that may lead to sabotage of his site’s materials or their diversion. Mishandling of any of the Company employees or use of words outside public morals or defamation against them will expose the client’s account to suspension or permanently delete it. The customer is not entitled to claim any compensation or entitlements that prevent prejudice to the company's reputation or defamation of it for any reason or in any way and whoever does that will be permanently suspended his account without prior notice and he is not entitled to claim any rights in the event of delay in the payment of the value of renewing the service for a period of 15 days from The due date is to stop and delete the service and backup copies, and the company's management does not bear any responsibility for the damage caused to the customer. We have the right to change plans and prices at any time, according to our marketing policy, and that does not give our customers the right to request any difference in price that may result between new offers and reserved plans. The complete and shared servers agreement applies to server clients of all the previous items in addition to the following: The client's receipt of the server is an acknowledgment of him with full responsibility for his server and what is going on inside it, as well as what it contains of sites and materials. The full server renewal amount must be paid 3 days before the renewal date. A request to cancel full servers must be submitted 7 days before the renewal date. The amount of the renewal of the shared servers must be paid one day before the renewal date. A request to cancel the shared servers must be submitted 3 days before the renewal date. The amount of the server renewal must be paid on time, or notify us of the request to postpone the payment and the condition to obtain approval from the company so that the server is not stopped. The customer is responsible for the plan he is requesting, and if his needs are not enough, the customer is fully responsible. All shared servers are subject to the fair use policy, and they are subject to determining the consumption of processors for each server, and accordingly in the event that resource consumption is exceeded, the server is temporarily suspended for a period of 24 hours and if the consumption of processors exceeds 5 times during one month, then the service will be permanently suspended, And with the application of the "server responsibility of the client" principle. We are not responsible for errors in which the owner of the server falls unless he has full knowledge of the server issues and the customer is responsible for the errors that result from tampering with the server, all offers on the site include moving sites and installing and updating the basic programs and do not include repairing the errors that result from the messes of the client. It is prohibited to install all kinds of DJ chat and Java programs on the shared servers because they cause a high consumption of resources. Gentlemen, the owners of resellers and servers apply to your customers the same laws of the company that apply to our customers and any violation issued by a customer with you, you are charged with all the legal and moral responsibility resulting from this violation and you are free to act with your customers. The terms of the agreement are subject to change, according to any changes in the laws regulating this field

Customer rights

We pledge to work for the convenience of the customer, to provide all the services he requests as much as possible and not to provide any effort towards his service, including

Inform the customer immediately, clearly and transparently, of the status of the hosted server.

Provide daily, weekly, and monthly backups, as well as an external, weekly, and monthly backup in the event of need. But the backup copy is the customer’s full responsibility and he must keep backup copies of his site for reference if necessary and do not bear the Arbhost responsibility for the damage to the backup copy due to the hacks and additions that cause damage to the databases or wrong permits of folders and files.

Provides protection and stability for servers with a 99.9% uptime.

Cooperating with the customer and assisting him in technical support matters as much as possible, and in the case of requesting assistance exceeding the period of work exceeding (10) minutes, an amount will be automatically calculated by the technical support team for providing this support outside of our responsibility.

In Arbhost does not provide any free technical support for the sites, but that with fees that have been explained on the site and we only support free hosting problems, for example, the site stopped due to hosting.

Maintaining the customer’s personal data in full and in strict confidentiality and will not be disclosed to any government or international entity without an official letter from that authority, and the customer will be informed directly when this information is revealed to them unless the subject requires otherwise.

The customer has the right to recover the sums paid (in case of annual subscription only) within (15) days of receiving the site (as a trial period) after deducting an amount of (50) riyalsReal value of the domain, in case the customer is not satisfied with the service provided by us and without any violation on the site or the customer.

Arbhost is committed to providing the client with a full backup copy of his site upon request to it, at any time unless his subscription ends, or is violated by this agreement.

General terms of services

It is strictly forbidden to contain any of the following materials: songs, films, and everything related to art, pornography, hacking programs, teaching breakthroughs, and advocating extremism and violence, and everything that contradicts the teachings of our true Islamic religion and the doctrine of the Sunnis and the community and the regulations and laws in force.

It is strictly forbidden to place any spyware or paralyzing files inside the space or attempt to infiltrate the server or a site on it.

It is strictly forbidden to use advertising messages or (Spam) messages (spam messages) or (postal dumping) internationally prohibited, as it is prohibited to publish or market them.

It is forbidden to use periodic and postal bulletins from after (4) afternoon until (6) in the morning, and it is preferable to send once a week and a maximum of (300) messages per hour in order to maintain the speed and safety of the server.

It is strictly forbidden to attempt to defame or defame the Daems host, directly or indirectly or in any way, and it is also prohibited to abuse the employees of the company or deal with them inappropriately.

In the event of a violation of the aforementioned terms, this shall result in stopping the site for a period of (3) days. If the matter is repeated, the site will be closed permanently, and a request to pay a fine of (150) riyals to receive the backup copy.

All of our services including requests, inquiries, problem solving, technical support ... etc are provided through our dedicated technical support (Customer Service Center - Arbhost) and no services are provided through any other means.

The owner of the service is the owner of the account in the customer service center through which the service was requested, and no other person or account has the right to claim any data, services, or inquiries about this service provided by us, Arbhost disclaims its full responsibility from losing The customer for his account information in the customer service center or his being stolen and the resulting damage to the service provided to the customer.

We have the right to amend the prices of plans and services on our site at any time, and this does not apply to sites that were booked before the amendment, but applies to all sites upon renewing the subscription.

Common hosting terms and domains

 In case the specified bandwidth ends for the site, the site will be automatically stopped until the beginning of the Gregorian month, and in the case of wanting to open the site, an amount of (50) riyals will be paid to open the site until the end of the month (for one month), or upgrade to a higher data transfer plan, and the customer must make sure Of the monthly traffic that is used through its site dashboard.

The customer has the right to consume 3% of the server's resources, and in case of exceeding this limit the site will be automatically stopped and ask the customer to know the cause of the problem and solve it within (24) hours or upgrade the plan, and in the event that the problem cannot be solved, a backup copy is delivered to the customer and his subscription is terminated.

In the event that the customer’s subscription ends, he will be notified by the company’s automatic reminder system, and in the event of non-payment on the specified date, the site will be stopped, and when a request to reactivate the service after its completion or a backup copy of the site is paid (150) riyals, a fine, and no right The customer is required to open the site or a backup copy of it after (10) days after the end of the service.

When installing the forums, the copies of the code are installed .. The hosting of Arbhost will not bear the slightest responsibility in the event that you report your forum, God bless.

In the event that a notification is received from the information center in the presence of irregular and irregular files, programs or scripts, the site is immediately stopped and the customer is informed of that to delete this content or its license, and the site is not opened unless after ensuring that the content is deleted or informing us of what proves the completion of the licensing process.

When the customer wants to renew one of the domains after the end of a period not exceeding two weeks, a financial fine of (70) riyals is paid, and Daemsost will not bear the slightest responsibility for losing the domain, withdrawing it or increasing its value after two weeks have passed.

Arbhost hosting does not bear the damage caused to your site due to errors you commit or as a result of server disruption for compelling reasons.

Technical support is to ensure that the site works throughout the day, and technical support does not include any additions to the forums such as sections, hacks, additions, styles, and the contents of the site from programs, interfaces, magazines, etc. ...!

In Arbhost, it is forbidden to install programs or special hacks that harm websites or cause pressure on servers, including but not limited to: hacking or accelerating pages, there are fake members, hacking links conversion, for example vbseo.

Arbhost is committed to providing a control panel for the customer, for every domain requested through Arbhost.

Arbhost is committed to protecting the domains reserved on the motherboard, and disclaims all responsibility after the customer receives the domain control panel.

After requesting the customer to cancel the hosting and transfer his site to another company, the customer does not have the right to return again and request to reopen his site on our hosting, except after the service is requested again.

Server Terms

 When requesting the servers, the initial setup is done for them, usually this does not include setting up the backup service on the server except at the request of the client, and when preparing for the backup service on the server, the integrity of the copies and follow-up to take them periodically are under the responsibility of the owner of the server fully responsibility, and do not bear the Arbhost Minimum responsibility for backup copy damage due to hacks and add-ons that cause damage to databases, wrong passes of folders and files, or modification of settings, which causes failureTake copies correctly.

Arbhost provides management and technical support service to servers clients according to the joint plans through the customer service center only, and Arbhost is not obligated to provide any technical support service for the servers' contents of programs, scripts, or systems installed on the server or sites by the customer himself, for example not Inventory (forum, download centers, blogs, scripts, content management software ... etc).

Arbhost provides management and protection service to servers according to the shared plans, and we bear the responsibility to protect your server when you request the server with management and protection, but we disclaim our responsibility towards protecting your server when you request the server login information and deliver it to you according to your request, knowing that there is a difference between any penetration that takes place on a site Or forum, programming, or script on your server and between hacking the server itself, we are responsible for protecting the server itself and not the sites and scripts that your server contains, but you can request to restore backups of any site that is subjected to a breach through our customer service center.

In the event that a notification is received from the information center in the presence of irregular and irregular files, programs or scripts, the customer is contacted on his mobile phone registered with us and requests our review via the customer service center to stop the site and inform the customer to do so to delete this content or its license, and the site is not opened unless after making sure of Deleting the content or informing us of what proves the completion of the licensing process, and in case the customer delays our review or closes the site 24 hours after being informed, the server is stopped and a fine of 500 riyals is imposed to reopen the server again.

The user is prohibited from exceeding the percentage of consumption of server resources such as memory, processor, disk space, or amount of data transmission for the specified percentage of available consumption or use of server resources constitutes a risk or harm to servers or clients, and Arbhost does not assume any responsibility in case of exceeding the specified consumption rate from slow in The server, one of its services, or a complete server downtime.

In the case of a DDOS Attack Flood on any VPS server, we will close it immediately, and the customer has the right to request to open the server for 6 hours only to solve the problem or withdraw a backup copy of the sites on the server, and Arbhost does not bear any responsibility or provide compensation to the customer in that.

When a client of servers wants not to renew the service, he must submit a request to cancel the server at least a week before the end of his subscription, and do not bear Arbhost

 The minimum liability for data that the server contains from loss or omission in case the customer is late in payment by more than 24 hours from the date of subscription expiry.

Alkhadam clients (after receiving the server) have no right to cancel the service or refund the amounts paid in the event of a monthly payment.

Daems Host has the full right to amend, add, delete or change the terms of this agreement at any time without the slightest responsibility, and the customer must follow the terms from time to time.

Your request for our services is an acknowledgment from you; By reading the above terms and agreeing to them completely