Privacy Policy

Arb host give

Customer rights

We pledge to work for the convenience of the customer, to provide all the services he requests as much as possible and not to provide any effort for his service, including.

Inform the customer immediately, clearly and transparently, of the status of the hosted server.

Providing daily, weekly and monthly backups, as well as an external weekly and monthly backup in case of need. But the backup copy is the customer’s full responsibility and he must keep backup copies of his site for reference if necessary and do not bear the ArbHost responsibility for the damage to the backup copy due to the hacks and additions that cause damage to the databases or wrong permits of folders and files.

Provides protection and stability for servers with a 99.9% uptime.

Cooperating with the customer and assisting him in technical support matters as much as possible, and in the case of requesting assistance exceeding the period of work exceeding (10) minutes, an amount will be automatically calculated by the technical support team for providing this support outside of our responsibility.

In ArbHost does not provide any free technical support for the sites, but that with fees that have been explained on the site and we only support free hosting problems, for example, the site stopped due to hosting.

Maintaining the customer’s personal data in full and in strict confidentiality and will not be disclosed to any government or international entity without an official letter from that authority, and the customer will be informed directly when this information is revealed to them unless the subject requires otherwise.

The customer has the right to recover the sums paid (in the event of an annual subscription only) within (15) days of receiving the site (as a trial period) after deducting the amount of (50) riyals of the value of the domain, in the event that the customer is not satisfied with the service provided by us and without any violation on The site or the customer.

ArbHost is committed to providing the client with a full backup copy of his site upon request to it, at any time unless his subscription ends, or is violated by this agreement.