Effective digital communication .. WhatsApp Business features

Effective digital communication .. WhatsApp Business features

The popularity of the instant messaging application “WhatsApp” is increasing in all parts of the world day after day, and from the first moment that the “Facebook” company announced the acquisition of “WhatsApp” for $ 19 billion, it spared no effort in developing it and adding some new features to improve the experience Its use, and made it an approved means of communication by many media and service institutions, and after about 6 years of acquisition, the role of the instant messaging application is no longer limited to sending messages and making calls, but rather it has become an integrated service that enables entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to communicate with customers and advertise Their products; So, we will learn about the advantages of WhatsApp Business.

Before learning about the features of Whatsapp Business, the concept of “WhatsApp Business” must first be clarified, as it is a free standalone application that smart phone users can download through “Android or App Store” systems; It was dedicated to entrepreneurs and commercial companies.

And WhatsApp Business provides its users with the ability to easily interact with customers. Small, medium, or even large store owners who market their products via the Internet can communicate with their customers via WhatsApp, and it also allows them to classify messages received from customers and respond automatically to them.

Not only that, but they can get detailed statistics on messaging with customers, and WhatsApp Business is not much different from the WhatsApp chat application, as it provides all the advantages it provides in the same way the user is accustomed to it; From sending files and data as well as photos, videos and audio.

Can the "normal and business" applications be combined on the same phone?

Certainly, the regular WhatsApp and business application can be downloaded on the same smartphone, but with two different numbers; Where business owners can create an account through the WhatsApp Business application using the business phone number.

Business owners can activate WhatsApp Business on computers or tablets via "Whatsapp Web", but this matter requires the computer and device on which the application is installed to connect to the Internet at the same time as normal WhatsApp, which helps commercial enterprises to communicate with customers completely ease.

WhatsApp Business features

WhatsApp Business features

The WhatsApp Business application contains many features that make it easier for entrepreneurs and business owners as well as small shop owners to communicate with customers and respond to all their inquiries, and commercial companies can use WhatsApp Business as a way to promote the products or services they offer.

Create a profile for your business

The WhatsApp Business application provides its users with the ability to professionally create a personal profile for their commercial activities, containing information related to the nature of the business, which includes: the title, category and description of the business; So that the audience can know what they offer, it is also possible to add the e-mail address and website of the business, which facilitates the process of communication between business owners and customers.

Quick reply feature

The application provides all users of entrepreneurs and business owners with the feature of quick responses; Some ready-made messages can be customized and installed to be used to respond to similar and popular questions quickly and easily.

Autoresponder feature

Users of the WhatsApp Business application can customize an automatic alert that shows customers that your business is "outside working hours" when you cannot answer any incoming inquiries, and thus they can expect when they will receive a response from you.

Not only that, but a welcome message can also be created to introduce customers to your business or the services you provide.

Messaging statistics feature

WhatsApp Business provides all users with complete and detailed statistics to view important information and data about correspondence with customers and the number of messages they have received and which customers have read.