6 steps to make your website attractive to customers

6 steps to make your website attractive to customers
Owners of private businesses and small enterprises do not need much time to be convinced of the importance of websites for their projects, without them, customers cannot find you, and this matter is especially important for business owners who depend on Internet sales to make profits, so you know that you need a website; Because without it you don't exist internationally, but there are small things that can reduce your site's efficiency and cost you more money.

And the talk here is not about prescribing a treatment that increases the visitors' fascination with your site, because this period is over, as "Ben Rachel" says; Director of "Keynote Consulting"; A service provider that helps improve business performance on the Internet.

“The user experience has changed,” Ben Rachelou added. Thus the visitor expects a lot, and these expectations are based on experience, not on the technical dazzle of your site; Where the site should contain what pleased visitors ». Experts point to 6 daily fixes that business owners make to improve website efficiency:

First: Make your site faster

At this time, the fascination with the appearance of the site has been replaced by the dazzling of its speed. Business owners should focus on speed more than ever before, and your site helps users to access it, find what they want, request more information, or buy something, and then complete Their busy day.

If the current state of your site does not provide good speed; Therefore, you should improve your site's loading speed, without wasting time, for example, Adobe Flash is no longer used, or at least it is less used.

Some experts say it makes browsing slower: “Nobody is asking for Flash right now; People now consider it annoying. ”

"Most sites need a certain type of image," says Ben Rachel, "but make sure your image files are as small as possible." Even heavy images can be compressed into small files, so ask your webmaster to ensure that any non-essential content should be moved to the bottom of the page; This helps important information appear quickly. ”

Second: write a better description of your products

Take some time to read the description of your products; To ensure consistency and abbreviation of the text. This may be difficult; Because you need to convince users that the product meets their needs; Therefore this description should be short and exhaustive at the same time; To bring about a positive result ”.

Third: Remove apps designed for appearance

“Using everything that is new and interesting, just because it is newer, may spoil things,” says Rachel. So employers should remove apps that are made for appearance, and pay attention to a balance between technology and the ability to use it fully.

Fourth: Improve the shopping and payment systems

There is an assumption that when a customer decides to buy something there is nothing that can be stopped, but if the shopping cart is uncomfortable, or payment is required through a third-party window, this can stop the sale.

“If you use the shopping cart system on your site, make it easy to use, by making sure that things are easy to add to the cart and buy it, and that is done in a professional manner; With the help of a third party specializing in the procedures for purchasing via the Internet, taking into account the accuracy in that If you use a third party to complete the payment; Make it invisible to the customer; By making him feel like he's paying you directly. Do not make the payment information written on another page; What moves the buyer to another location; Because it makes him suspicious, and it might cause him to undo.

Fifth: Use a single title for each page

We mean the words that appear at the top of the page, and things that may be boring, but important even if the user does not notice them; Because search engines notice them, especially since they are automatic engines. If you have ten pages on your site, all of them with the same name, for example, "ABC Business", the search engines will not see the difference between them; What affects the search order and speed of the requested page. Also, make sure that the page titles correspond to their content; That is very important.

Sixth: Reduce the amount of data required

Only ask for the information you need if your site has a contact method. When you contact all of the people who fill out order forms by phone, there is no need to request their addresses, and be aware that a one-time buyer does not necessarily have to become a member of your site.

And know that consumers on the Internet do not need to see the most beautiful, or most recent, sites, but are looking for a specific product, or service that meets their needs, they want to find quickly, and that constant attention to the customer is required; Because the visitor wants an experience free from obstacles and complications.


Tuesday 16th February 2021
Tuesday 16th February 2021