Marketing affiliate products on your site

Marketing affiliate products on your site
Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to convert your website into a source that generates money for you while you sleep after working on it for a certain period. And that as soon as you join one of the affiliate programs and start marketing the products in the correct and most effective way.
But ? How can I benefit from it? Can I enter this field? And how do you start marketing products over the Internet and make profits through your website?
Don't worry, if you are a beginner and are wondering questions like these, I am here to help.
In this guide, you will learn everything you will need, starting with obtaining an affiliate link, using effective strategies and methods to market products, and most importantly, how to market in the healthy way (just as adults market).
I leave you with the vast amount of information awaiting you in this article on our arbahna website, let's get started
What are affiliate links:
If you are a beginner, you may ask this question, what are affiliate links?
The matter is simple, they are urls that enable the advertiser to track the religious visitors you send them to his site, each affiliate marketer has his own link different from the other (the marketing link). This link often ends with the user name after the domain name.
Once the visitor clicks on your affiliate link, a notification is sent to the affiliate program (company or advertiser) where clicks and sales are tracked.
Mostly you will not earn a commission unless the visitor buys a product through your link.

Also, some companies use localization files or so-called cookies.
The purpose of this cookie is that as soon as a visitor clicks on your link, a small file is stored in his browser.
The duration of this file varies from company to company (from one to 90 days).
In short, the mission of this file is that while the visitor clicked on your link and would not buy then, but returned after a period (15 days, for example) and bought the product, the commission will be calculated for you, and if he did not click on your link again.
It's really cool in the affiliate market.
It is very simple and does not require any complications.

How to get affiliate links:
Before we get to how to market products and get profits, you must first learn how to get affiliate links that enable you to market products.
It's simple, just follow these steps:

Join one of the affiliate programs or sites
There are hundreds or even thousands of companies or sites that allow you to promote their products in exchange for a certain commission, whatever the area of ​​your site.
Amidst this whirlwind of companies and sites competing with each other, it may be difficult for you to choose the right company for you.
In fact there are many distinct companies, which we deal with personally as commission junction ...
In order to shorten the way, I collected the best of these companies for you, where you will find many wonderful products, and you can also get a commission of up to 200% of the product price.
You can view these companies by clicking here: Best Affiliate Sites.

Log in to your account
Once you register an account with a company, you can log in (you may wait until your joining application is approved in some companies).
From the main interface of your account, you can choose the text link or the advertising banner that you want to add to your site. Once you do, you will be delivered the URL or ad code.

Copy links within your site:
Now you can add links or ad banners within your articles.
Do not worry, we will talk about how to properly market these links.
You can also find out the number of clicks, sales and source through the control panel for your affiliate marketing account.

Marketing commission products within my site?
According to one of the reports that was made, I found that affiliate links generate more revenue for bloggers than Google Adsense, and this is due to the power of affiliate marketing so that you can earn up to 4 numbers from marketing a single product.


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